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About Us

Defining CIVIL Tech

1. Capacity or potential for effective action.
2. The number of people constituting an ideal organization.
3. Operating effectiveness or potency.
1. Work or duties performed for another.
2. An act of assistance or benefit to others.
3. Response to a need or demand.
1. The answer to or disposition of problems.
2. Proposals with equitable or profitable outcomes.

Building relationships

Our reputation is built on our commitment to the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction. We honor this commitment not by focusing on projects alone, but by building lasting relationships.

Our clients face complex issues, and they trust and depend on our engineering solutions with a keen understanding of their constraints and opportunities.

We see ourselves as a partner with our clients, building a history of mutual success one project at a time.

CIVIL Tech Pvt. Ltd.is an ISO: 9001-2008 certified organization with a group of highly qualified, professional civil / structural Engineers.

Our field of activities includes :

Structural design of concrete & steel structures
Structural evaluation of old and new structures
Non-destructive testing (NDT) of RC and steel structures
Restoration and Rehabilitation of structures
Project management and Quality Assurance of Construction activities
Civil Engineering Services
Material Testing Laboratory

At CIVIL Tech Pvt. Ltd. our people are our greatest assets. They are dedicated to client satisfaction and the pursuit of excellence. They function in an environment of collaboration and synergies that draw upon their rich backgrounds and diverse expertise to encompass a wide range of Civil Engineering activities. Apart from Specialist Engineering personnel,
CIVIL Tech Pvt. Ltd. also has a panel of advisors who help in special and critical assignments.

With the above infrastructure, CIVIL Tech Pvt. Ltd. expertise is capable of understanding and solving challenging problems. The variety of satisfied clients to whom CIVIL Technologies caters is the testimony to this.

Structural design of concrete & steel structures

• Analysis of structures using Standard computer packages such as STAAD-Pro, ETABS, etc.
• Designing and furnishing detailed Construction Drawings for structures in the areas of Residential / Institutional / Industrial / Irrigation Structures / Treatment Plants / Bridges / commercial buildings, etc.

Proof checking of structural designs

• Checking the design parameters, Methodology of design, Design Calculations through independent analysis and Design of the Structures.
• Certification of Structural Drawings.
• Advisory services to Consultants regarding Method of Analysis and Design of Structures.

Structural Evaluation of Old & New Structures

1. Assessment of Soundness of Structure through Evaluation, Tests such as non-destructive semi-destructive / Load tests.
2. Assessment of Structural Adequacy for Future Expansion / Change in Occupancy / Modification to structure.
3. Assessment of Structures damaged by fire or other calamities.
4. Assessment of structural adequacy of structures for seismic forces as per latest standards.

Restoration & Rehabilitation of Structures

1. Investigation of distressed structures through Non-destructive and other related evaluation tests.
2. Working out appropriate Restoration / Strengthening measures to render the structure normal along with working drawings & specifications.
3. Supervision during execution of restoration work.

Non-Destructive Testing of RC & Steel Structures

1. Assessment of Quality of in-situ Concrete through Non-Destructive Tests such as Rebound hammer test and ultrasonic pulse velocity test.
2. Assessment of cover and surface disposition of reinforcement through rebar locator studies.
3. Assessment of Quality of in-situ concrete through Core Test (Semi-destructive tests).
4. Assessment of onset & extent of Corrosion in rebars through potential difference and resistivity studies.
5. Assessment of extent of Carbonation / Chloride Penetration in cover concrete.
6. Assessment of member thickness & Lamination tests on structural steel sections.
7. Assessment of quality of weld in fabricated steel structures through etc.,

Project management and Quality Assurance of Construction activities

• Monitoring of construction activities to ensure Quality construction through continuous supervision and interaction between various agencies involved in the project.
. Setting up a team of engineers at site or carrying out periodic site visits depending on site requirement for quality inspection.
. Checking of materials of construction and review of test reports, collecting samples at site, if necessary to examine the quality.
. Checking the quality of construction including form work, reinforcement fabrication and concreting.
. Review of quality norms adopted at site and recommending improvements.
. Carrying out non-destructive tests on structural members, wherever necessary.
. Furnishing periodic reports on quality aspects to the client.
. Sorting out the issues on quality of construction arising at site, suggesting measures to improve quality.

Laboratory & Field Testing of Building Materials & Components

. Laboratory Tests on Building Materials such as Cement, Aggregate, Brick, Block, Rebar, Structural section, Wood, Tile, etc as per relevant Indian Standards.
. Concrete mix design for strength, workability & durability of concrete for various requirements.
. Tests to evaluate performance of Construction aids/ Chemicals such as Admixtures, Modified Mortars, Epoxies, Grouts, Sealants etc.
. Tests on water for assessment of its suitability for concreting.
. Tests on pre-cast elements meant for specific purposes.
. Full scale service / ultimate load tests on in-situ /pre-cast components or Assemblies.